At The BaSIX and Beyond, we make a point of giving back to the community. Through partnerships with the following organizations, we're doing our best to support worthwhile endeavors. Please check out these websites.

SEVA (say-va) is a Sanskrit word for service
With over 29 years of experience Seva is working in nine countries in addition to the United States, supporting projects in health and wellness, environment protection and cultural preservation.

Where There's A Need
The Mission of Where There’s A Need Inc, is to support women and young girls who have experienced hair loss and baldness, due to CHEMOTHERAPY CANCER TREATMENT, as well as, individuals with hair loss from OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS. They design   and create special headwear, with attached hair and bangs for those in need. They also create Base Ball Caps for Men and Boys who experience Hair Loss from Cancer. Their  goal is to create smiles and boost the self-esteem of the cancer patients during a time of affliction and uncertainty. A portion of our proceeds from our Limited Edition BSE Pillowcase  sold on our sister websitte is donated to this wonderful organization.