Do your tub teas have therapeutic benefits?
Yes. As a basis for aromatherapy, the essential oils we blend help soothe muscles and joints, eliminate toxins, aid digestion, etc. They also have
anti-inflammatory properties and help regenerate skin cells.

Can I use more than one tub tea bag at a time?
Yes. But one tub tea bag is sufficient. Only 8 to 15 drops of essential oil are enough for a regular bath. The essential oils in our tub tea bag blends are very concentrated and will disperse evenly in the water.

Should I consult my physician before using tub tea bags?
If you are in poor health, it is particularly important to check with your doctor first. Certain essential oils can be very useful while others might be completely counter-balanced.

Where do essential oils come from?
Essential oils are obtained from aromatic plants. Each aromatic plant contains an essence, the natural raw state of essential oil. What we call essential oil is the result of steam distillation.

Is there anything special I should do before I take my bath?
Yes. Raise the bathroom temperature. This will reduce the uncomfortable temperature difference between the water and the bathtub.

How hot should I make the bath water?
The ideal temperature of the bath is 95-98 degrees F. At this temperature, the heat accelerates your heartbeat and plunges you into beneficial relaxation. Hotter than that and you will feel suffocated, colder and you'll feel a chill.

How can I make my bathing experience most enjoyable?
Choose your bath time with care. Take your family's schedule into account and choose a moment when you know you will not be disturbed. Let everyone know that your bathtime is sacred. If necessary, make a "do not disturb" sign that you can hang on the bathroom door.

How long should I stay in the tub?
We suggest thirty minutes. If you want to relax, use candles to soften your lighting, and pick some good music that matches your mood.

When I bathe I find it hard to relax - can you suggest some hints?
Yes. This special moment is all yours. Close your eyes. Listen to your body. Feel your muscles relax. Deep breathing helps get rid of stress and relaxes you. Breathe in through your nose while counting to 4, then breathe out by the mouth while counting to 8. Do this for a couple of minutes. It's simple but very effective.

Should I do anything special after my bath?
Yes. Bundle up with a large warm towel and avoid vigorous drying off. Sponge yourself softly and stay bundled up until the water has been absorbed by the towel. Your body and your spirit still need a few minutes to relax before getting back to reality. Give yourself a moment. Read, stretch or just go to sleep if you feel like it. Listen to your body. Relaxation after your bath should be an integral part of your bathing ritual. When you feel ready, go back to your normal activities.