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Hydrotherapy means "water healing." Hydrotherapy is extremely pleasurable and effective in relieving muscle soreness, inducing relaxation, increasing oxygen uptake, and improving lymphatic flow to promote health and healing in all the body's tissues. For centuries, seaweed and sea salt baths were used to restore inner harmony and promote self-renewal. The ocean especially is known for its healing powers. It is rich in minerals (especially iodine), and its perfect balance of briny nutrients made it an ideal Oriental folk remedy and secret method of rejuvenation.

The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used the bath as a healing treatment. In some places, such as Sparta, hydrotherapy was made into law, requiring the towns people to take cold baths frequently.  Public baths were a popular form of medicine in Rome for more than five hundred years.

Hydrotherapy can also be defined as the use of water, in any, of its forms - solid, liquid, steam, and sauna in the treatment of disease or trauma, both internally and externally.

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