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"what are tub teas?"
As with herbal teas, bath teas are simply mixtures of aromatic herbs. Once infused and added to the bath, they release beneficial essences for your skin to absorb. Our products contain ingredients that are certified organic and grown pesticide free to offer your skin the best absorbing nutrients. We do not test our products on animals.
"what makes our product so unique?"
As busy consumers we are still trying to find time to appreciate relaxation away from our busy schedules and daily routines. Our tub-tantalizing mixtures have been known to convert shower extremist into true bath lovers. The oversized sachets are packed in a reusable retro-style tin. Each bio-degradable tub tea bag is pre-mixed and pre-measured with essential oils and certified organic botanicals, thereby taking the guess work out of how much to use at bath time.
"agoodnightkiss natural and organic tub tea contain a synergy of all natural ingredients" that deliver a splendid bathing experience. Hand blended with just the right ingredients these tub teas were specifically created to alleviate stress, reduce tension, and to help soothe frayed nerves.
rosa centifolia
Legend has it that Cleopatra wore rose oil at her
first meeting with Mark Anthony to capture his love.