The BaSIX and Beyond located in New York City was established in 1995 to provide personal care and wellness products to consumers worldwide.

agoodnightkiss natural and organic bath and body products were developed so we can offer you the consumer help in soothing your body, mind, and spirit by taking advantage of all the goodness nature has to offer.

The popularity of our bath and body products lies in the quality and concentration of essential oils, specialized hand blending and the unique aromatic effects of each product.
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Our entire product line uses 100% pure natural plant oils with no added color or synthetic preservatives. Only the finest quality essential oils are used, extracted from organically grown, original single species plants.

Our vegetable carrier oils are cold pressed and are of the highest standard.

We at The BaSIX and Beyond are  dedicated to providing products that are free of mineral oils, chemical filters or animal ingredients - with the exception of beeswax. Our products are not tested on animals.

agoodnightkiss products are formulated using therapeutic levels of essential oils to recreate spa benefits at home. Some formulations are blended with up to 10 different essential oils.

Keep in mind our product line contains ingredients chosen and specially blended to offer you many benefits to balance, tone, nourish, hydrate, protect, soften, heal or regenerate skin cells.

The aromatic notes of each product are carefully chosen to ensure delightfully balanced
fragrances that you will want to use time and time again.

lavandula augustifolia
A favorite addition to bathwater, lavender's name derives from
the Latin Lavare "to wash."