Not sure whichb bath  tea blend is right for you? Order a few 
Samplers at 5.00  each  - but be WARNED - you are about to
fall in love.
aromatherapy bath teas
No. 1 Passionflower is helpful in promoting relaxation and aiding in sleep. Contains: valerian root, organic passionflower, organic chamomile, organic rolled oats, organic tofu, organic dried rose buds and much more.
No. 4 Lavender This great cleansing property of lavender is characteristic of its fragrance as well as the essence itself. Contains: skin soothing, sweet brown rice, organic rosemary, organic chamomile and organic lavender buds.
No. 6 Motherhood The perfect marriage of fragrances, oatmeal and coconut are mellow as well as soothing with just a hint of vanilla - the comfort aroma. Contains: geranium oil, bergamot oil, and sunflower oil.
No. 9 Caribbean Splendor a combination of delectable ingredients this blend is a delicious body treatment. Contains chunks of coco butter,  organic rolled oats, sunflower oil , organic tofu and silk amino acids.
hydrotherapy bath teas
No. 2 New York City Chai is a mellow, sensual, evocative of myth and mystery.
Contains: organic cardamom, organic
cinnamon and organic cloves and much more.
No. 3 Cilantro Apple Herbs have been the
life enhancing alchemy of every human culture since the beginning of recorded history.
Contains: Dead Sea Salt, organic cilantro,
vanilla and much more.
No. 5 Rosemary Mint The fragrance of rosemary is stimulating. Contains: organic rosemary, anise oil, geranium oil, ginger oil, peppermint oil, galangal extract and clary sage extract and much more.
No. 7 Start Something is considered the karma sutra of tub tea blends, has a beguiling spiciness that puts one in a state of relaxed awareness. Contains: organic spearmint, and organic cinnamon bark.
No. 8 Seaside Solace was inspired by a
sea shore breeze and the fragrance of a herbal garden. Infused with sea vegetables, coral calcium and much more.
Every sachet contains ingredients chosen and specially formulated to offer several benefits to help balance, tone, nourish, hydrate, protect, soften, heal or regenerate skin cells. The aromatic notes of each product are carefully chosen to ensure delightfully balanced fragrances that you will want to use time and time again. No animal testing. The BaSIX and Beyond is dedicated to providing products that are free of mineral oils, chemical filters or animal ingredients with the exception of beeswax,
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