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No. 1 Passionflower (Aromatherapy)
Passionflower has a musky, light and woody scent. This blend stabilizes erratic, scattered energy bringing back a sense of balance to the spirit. This blend
promotes inner tranquility.
No. 2 New York City Chai
New York City Chai has a soft, spicy and warm fragrance. Use this blend to transform low vitality and lack of motivation into a zest for life. Great for relieving mental exhaustion and enabling fresh thinking.
No. 3 Cilantro Apple
Cilantro apple has a very warming pungent and fruity aroma. This blend harnesses and enhances inner feminine energy, and supports the expression of innermost feelings. A great detoxifyer.
No. 4 Lavender Herb
Lavender Herb has a refreshing aroma softened by floral sweetness. This blend brings deep relaxation, encourages compassion and gentleness towards others. Lavender Herb helps relieve insomnia.
No. 5 Rosemary Mint
Rosemary Mint will stimulate and warm sore muscles. Its aroma is instantly youthful and deliciously herbal, fresh and pungent. Bathe to overcome sluggishness and revive mental clarity.
No. 6 Motherhood
Motherhood has a soft, richly sweet aroma. This blend will nurture and soothe the "inner child", promoting a sense of inner peace.  Infused with honey this blend will lift the spirit and soothe away stress.
No. 7 Start Something
This exotic blend has a deep earthy and sensual aroma. This blend will help soothe nervous exhaustion and deep emotional stress. This blend helps ground spiritual awareness in the body.
No. 9 Caribbean Splendor
Inherent of the fragrances from the West Indies the crisp clean aroma of coconut inspire courage and generates the energy to take action. This blend invigorates       the spirit.
No. 8 Seaside Solace
Seaside Solace will help detoxify the body of impurities that can slow us down. Infused with seaweed which is rich with 87 minerals. You will feel as if your heart is being invigorated by the cool ocean breeze.
No. 10 Triple Vanilla
Triple Vanilla is soft and resiny, with sweet balsamic notes. This blend promotes a sense of inner peace and relaxation. Great for alleviating emotional overload and calms the mind.
No. 11 Tunisian Jasmine (Aromatherapy)
Tunisian Jasmine has a rich, floral, very heady and sweet aroma. This blend aids in the expression of intimate feelings.
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No. 12
Limited Edition
No. 12 The Way of Tea
Green tea antioxidants are believed to be two hundred times stronger than Vitamin E. If you are overtired and over stimulated, this bath is a simple way to relax and send yourself off to restful sleep.
No. 13 Mystical Sex
Sandalwood calms the nervous system and relaxes the entire body, coupled with rosemary which has been used over the centuries in many rituals to attract love. It has the reputation of being a love stimulator.
Holiday Blend
(Limited Edition)
Available Oct - Dec
Has a comforting accord of irresistible sandalwood, jasmine extract, citronella oil, sweet orange oil, and bergamot oil. Not your traditional Christmas fragrances, its wintery, refreshing blend infused with European spa salt will help set the mood for ringing in the holidays.
Additional rotation
massage bar attached.
I tried the Cilantro Apple. I absolutely LOVE IT!   Thank you for making this product.
It's just "Scent-sational"  - G. Sparacino, San Jose, California
indulge...get wet....exhale